Handshake Access 2021

Jun 3 - 4, 8:00 AM (PDT)

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About this event

Join our two-day virtual event featuring interactive discussions on best practices in the field of career services, panels with leading thinkers in higher education, keynotes and Q&As with authors and policy makers, and networking.

Handshake Access 2021 will convene career educators to define, share, and celebrate the best practices and outcomes of our community. You’ll experience not only lively discussion and engagement with your peers, but also inspiration from thought leaders advancing innovation and impact of career education at the highest level of the academic ecosystem.

Recordings are now available! Visit https://go.joinhandshake.com/Access-Recording-Library


  • Lindsey Pollak

    Lindsey Pollak

    Career and Workplace Expert

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  • Michael Ellison

    Michael Ellison


    Founder & CEO

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  • Angie Kamath

    Angie Kamath

    City University of New York

    University Dean

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  • Amelia Parnell

    Amelia Parnell

    National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA)

    VP for Research and Policy

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  • Andy Chan

    Andy Chan

    Wake Forest University

    VP for Innovation and Career Development

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  • David Clayton

    David Clayton

    Strada Education Network

    SVP of Consumer Insights

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  • Kristina Francis

    Kristina Francis

    JFFLabs at Jobs for the Future

    Executive Director

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  • Felice Nudelman

    Felice Nudelman

    The Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)

    Associate VP of Academic Innovation and Transformation

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  • Paul Fain

    Paul Fain

    The Job

    Journalist and Analyst

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  • Christine Cruzvergara

    Christine Cruzvergara


    Chief Education Strategy Officer

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  • Moderators

    • Todd Good

      Todd Good


      Talent Acquisition Manager

    • Kevin Grubb

      Kevin Grubb

      Villanova University

      Executive Director of the Career Center & Associate Vice Provost of Professional Development

    • Emma Moore

      Emma Moore

      University of Liverpool

      Director of Careers and Employability

    • Emma Clarke

      Emma Clarke

      University of Liverpool

      Data, Technology & Communications Manager

    • Sang Park

      Sang Park


      Manager of Student Analytics

    • Emily Zader

      Emily Zader


      Senior People Business Partner

    • Lane Garnett

      Lane Garnett


      Senior Campus Recruiting Manager

    • Chris Milliken

      Chris Milliken

      University of Washington Foster School of Business

      Employer Relations

    • Matthew Purdy

      Matthew Purdy

      Murray State University

      Director of Career Services

    • Skai Kang

      Skai Kang


      Director of Employer Customer Success

    • Andrew Boles

      Andrew Boles

      Baylor University

      Technology and Data Analyst

    • Santina Pitcher

      Santina Pitcher

      The University of California, Berkeley

      Associate Director of Counseling

    • Erin O'Keefe

      Erin O'Keefe


      Product Manager

    • Dan McSweeney

      Dan McSweeney

      Syracuse University

      Assistant Director of Employer Relations

    • Sean McGowan

      Sean McGowan

      Carnegie Mellon University

      Assistant Director of Employer Relations

    • Samantha Wheeler

      Samantha Wheeler


      Relationship Manager

    • Brinton Botkin

      Brinton Botkin


      Social and Editorial Manager

    • Cyrus Steele

      Cyrus Steele

      Stand-up Comedian

    • Brit Gergen

      Brit Gergen


      Senior Product Marketing Manager

    • Eric Paul

      Eric Paul

      Nautilus Solar

      Executive Director

    • Kaajal Baheti

      Kaajal Baheti


      Senior Product Manager

    • Gene Finley

      Gene Finley


      Director of Enterprise Insights

    • Tiffany Ramsay Ibeh

      Tiffany Ramsay Ibeh


      Strategy and Insights Lead

    • Randy Tarnowski

      Randy Tarnowski


      Senior Education Researcher

    • Amy Hendrickson

      Amy Hendrickson


      Relationship Manager

    • Essence Smith

      Essence Smith


      Relationship Manager

    • Jerry Lee

      Jerry Lee


      Senior Director of Education Success and Operations

    • Nick Rathbone

      Nick Rathbone


      Education Support Specialist

    • Jesse Downs

      Jesse Downs

      Louisiana State University

      Director of the Olinde Career Center

    • Christian Garcia

      Christian Garcia

      University of Miami

      Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Toppel Career Center

    • Emily Haines

      Emily Haines


      Manager of Employer Account Management

    • Catherine Cosgrove

      Catherine Cosgrove

      Middlesex Community College

      Coordinator of Career Planning

    • Andréa Lipack

      Andréa Lipack

      Stony Brook University

      Senior Director of Career Center Operations

    • Jake Becker

      Jake Becker


      Director of Product

    • Ravit Bennier

      Ravit Bennier


      Head of Product Design

    • Linda Hung

      Linda Hung


    • George Theodorou

      George Theodorou

      University of Liverpool

      Student Career Coach

    • Zachery Huse

      Zachery Huse

      Taylor University

    • Marie Robert

      Marie Robert

      College of the Holy Cross

    • Jacob Rodriguez

      Jacob Rodriguez

      San Jose State University

    • Alloua YannHervee Animan

      Alloua YannHervee Animan

      Gannon University


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